April 27, 2017
Random Tips & Tricks


How to find a good developer in shortest time?


For designer people like us, designing concepts, User interfaces, graphics are OK but the issue is finding good developer(s).

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How to download Synced Adobe TypeKit fonts?


This lesson shows how to download Synced Adobe TypeKit fonts to your computer.

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How to batch render in After Effects?


You have a lot of After Effects .aep files that waits for rendering. So maybe you do old school way; import all aep to one After Effects file and render all in order. But in fact there is a better and easier way! You can render all your compositions in your after effects files (.aep) in any format you want.

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10 pieces 4K Studio Backgrounds pack! And FREE!


A great bonus pack for FxfxORG users! You can use this 10 studio backgrounds to look your text, logos, objects great!

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How to create a Globe/3d world in Cinema 4D?


You can see rotating globes everywhere like tv promos, idents, intros etc. In this article, we are going to create a globe from Illustrator world map.

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Diamond text in seconds! Fxfx Real Diamond is available now!

fxfx real diamond

Fxfx Real Diamond is a Cinema 4d script that makes your texts in diamond shiny in seconds. You can make your texts georgeous easily now.

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Software errors, solutions, tips and tricks page


Hi folks. In this page I am going to share the error that I solved, some tips and tricks about softwares. Probably you will find this page from google while searching a solution for an error that makes you crazy :)

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How to render Matte/Shadow map in 3d Studio Max, Maya and Cinema 4D?


You are rendering your scene but you don't want to see background of it. You want to see only your object and its shadow so you need its matte/shadow pass. In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to render this matte/shadow pass in 3 most popular 3d software; 3d studio max, Maya and Cinema 4d.

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How to model wire mesh in Cinema 4D?


To render an object as wireframe in Cinema 4D can be easy but if you want to model that object in wire or if you are modelling a something like microphone head, you got challange.

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How to convert 3d Studio Max scenes to Cinema 4D?


You have an animated scene in 3d Studio max and you want to convert it Cinema 4D scene with as successful as possible. Of course, working logic of theese two softwares are too much diffrent to eachother but it is possible with some little missing.

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