April 27, 2017
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How to download Synced Adobe TypeKit fonts?

Adobe CC TypeKit is an amazing feature of Creative Cloud for syncing your used fonts every computer you use Adobe CC. But sometimes you use a font from TypeKit and you want to send this CC project to somewhere but they can not use that project properly with missing fonts.

Now I will explain how to download your synced fonts to your computer.

P.S. Most TypeKit Fonts are copyrighted. This lesson is for only educational and personal usage. Please be aware of disturbing or copying copyrighted fonts may cause copyright infringement and use it your own risk!


Now, let’s start..

Make sure, you have installed Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App as signed in and your TypeKit fonts are synced and make sure you are a registered user of Adobe Creative Cloud.

Firstly make sure that your hidden files is visible on Windows Settings.


From “Change folder and search options” select “Show hidden files, folders and drives”




Press [Windows Key + X] and select Command Prompt (Admin) or from Run you can type cmd




Copy this command to your Command Prompt Window;

xcopy %APPDATA%\Adobe\CoreSync\plugins\livetype\r %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\TKFonts




It will ask F or D..

Press D

Copy process will start..

And you will have a folder named TKFonts on your Desktop..


Make it visible and writeable..


Press OK and open this TKFonts folder on your desktop.. You will see a lot of files with to extension..

These are your synced fonts and lets rename all..

Open your command prompt again and paste this code;

ren %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\TKFonts\*.* *.otf



Now open TKFonts folder again, you will see all fonts are .otf fonts now..

To check fonts names, right click on title bar of folder and enable [Title]




Now you can see the fonts names on detailed view..

That’s all folks,


Stay in Fxfx,






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  1. Freedom Williams

    Worked for me!

    I was hot on the trail, but this guide put me over the top.

    Adobe = super lame for making people synch for *.otf files.

    That stands for OPEN TYPE FILE, natch. This is a super small, easy, open file format that should be a breeze to work with.

    Thanks for the guide!

  2. Christian Rodriguez


  3. it is not working, 0 files copied? Any suggestions

  4. İt is verry good topic. But, its not working. Please help , thx again.

  5. İt is verry good topic. But, its not working. Please help , thx again.
    0 files copied

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