October 24, 2021

Cinema 4D Modeling

How to create a Globe/3d world in Cinema 4D?

You can see rotating globes everywhere like tv promos, idents, intros etc. In this article, we are going to create a globe from Illustrator world map.

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How to model wire mesh in Cinema 4D?

To render an object as wireframe in Cinema 4D can be easy but if you want to model that object in wire or if you are modelling a something like microphone head, you got challange.

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Cinema 4D MoGraph and dynamic [HD Video]

As known, Mograph is an impressive tool of Cinema 4D! And in this lesson will give some tips and tricks about the basic usage of mograph and its dynamic features.

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Black fly colony animation in Cinema4D [HD Video]

In this lesson, we will create a black fly colony flying around a lamp.

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How to make flying bat colony in Cinema 4D? [HD Video]

In the midnight, a castle, full moon, bats.. Probably, we have seen this scene thousands of times...

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‘Turning book page’ animation in Cinema 4D [HD Video]

This lesson will show that how to make simple book animation and turning book pages in Cinema 4D.

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