How to download Synced Adobe TypeKit fonts?

Adobe CC TypeKit is an amazing feature of Creative Cloud for syncing your used fonts every computer you use Adobe CC. But sometimes you use a font from TypeKit and you want to send this CC project to somewhere but they can not use that project properly with missing fonts.

Now I will explain how to download your synced fonts to your computer.

P.S. Most TypeKit Fonts are copyrighted. This lesson is for only educational and personal usage. Please be aware of disturbing or copying copyrighted fonts may cause copyright infringement and use it your own risk!


Now, let’s start..

Make sure, you have installed Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App as signed in and your TypeKit fonts are synced and make sure you are a registered user of Adobe Creative Cloud.

Firstly make sure that your hidden files is visible on Windows Settings.


From “Change folder and search options” select “Show hidden files, folders and drives”




Press [Windows Key + X] and select Command Prompt (Admin) or from Run you can type cmd




Copy this command to your Command Prompt Window;

xcopy %APPDATA%\Adobe\CoreSync\plugins\livetype\r %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\TKFonts

——– 2. way (if xcopy doesn’t work)

or you can navigate to



C:\Users\—your username—\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\CoreSync\plugins\livetype\r

and copy all hidden files to a folder




It will ask F or D..

Press D

Copy process will start..

And you will have a folder named TKFonts on your Desktop..


Make it visible and writeable..


Press OK and open this TKFonts folder on your desktop.. You will see a lot of files with to extension..

These are your synced fonts and lets rename all..

Open your command prompt again and paste this code;

ren %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\TKFonts\*.* *.otf



Now open TKFonts folder again, you will see all fonts are .otf fonts now..

To check fonts names, right click on title bar of folder and enable [Title]




Now you can see the fonts names on detailed view..

That’s all folks,


Stay in Fxfx,






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  1. Freedom Williams

    Worked for me!

    I was hot on the trail, but this guide put me over the top.

    Adobe = super lame for making people synch for *.otf files.

    That stands for OPEN TYPE FILE, natch. This is a super small, easy, open file format that should be a breeze to work with.

    Thanks for the guide!

  2. Christian Rodriguez


  3. it is not working, 0 files copied? Any suggestions

  4. İt is verry good topic. But, its not working. Please help , thx again.

  5. İt is verry good topic. But, its not working. Please help , thx again.
    0 files copied

  6. I was gettingg. 0 files copied

    Another alternative is to:
    1. In Win 10 File explorer paste: %APPDATA%\Adobe\CoreSync\plugins\livetype\r or navigate to:

    2. Copy hidden files to TKFonts on desktop
    3. run this via Command Prompt:
    ren %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\TKFonts\*.* *.otf

  7. I was getting 0 files copied – so another alternative is to:
    1. In Win 10 File explorer paste: %APPDATA%\Adobe\CoreSync\plugins\livetype\r or navigate to:
    2. Copy hidden files to TKFonts on desktop
    3. run this via Command Prompt:
    ren %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\TKFonts\*.* *.otf

  8. Do you know the command for Macs

  9. Corinne Stinton

    wow… honestly, thank you!
    This worked great. It’s just crazy that Adobe doesn’t make it easier for you to download.

  10. Does anyone know a simple way to rename the file names using the Title property?

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  12. Thank You Thank You 🙂 If you are getting 0 files copied double check and make sure that you are running cmd as admin.

  13. This worked seamlessly. Thanks!

  14. Heather Wireman

    This is AWESOME! Thank you!

  15. The syntax of the command is incorrect

  16. Any idea how to do this on a MAC?

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  18. Thank you so much!

    I was having so many problems with synchronizing Typekit… Add to that the regular Internet cuts we have at work, it was just impossible and I was about to give up any font from Typekit and limiting myself to free fonts only… At last I can work worry-freely!

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  20. Thank you so much – soooo helpful!

  21. dsgjklj fdgg

    I updated my previous batch file. You no longer have to press D to dismiss the message. A simple color change has been applied, too. A message will appear after all your fonts are downloaded.


  22. You are magical. Every time I open an Adobe product, activated fonts are mysteriously not active. Even though they show as active when I go into CC Fonts. So I have to deactivate them and reactivate them. Every. Single. Time. It’s a known problem that Adobe hasn’t seen fit to fix yet (at least a year). You just saved me hours per week.

  23. anyone know why the rename run code might not be working for me?

  24. Aaron Linsdau

    Thanks for posting this – it really helped out. I made a video of this using the Finder method on the Mac. I hope it’ll be helpful to someone:

  25. Just Amazing

    You have no idea how helpful it is! Thanks a lot!

  26. You. Are. The. Best.


  27. This used to work for me but doesn’t now.

    Does anyone know if something changed?

  28. Thanks for sharing this content. Technology has changed drastically over the past few decades. Even though services are available to more people than ever, unfortunately, not everyone has access to the same level of services. Read more

  29. Grateful Dusk

    A simple and elegant solution to an issue which has caused me much frustration and Googling. Well done friend.

  30. Suffering Student


  31. Wow. I was skeptical this would work, but damn. Well done and thank you!

  32. Still working as of 07/24/2021.
    Thanks much for saving me time.

  33. Vanessa Cress

    You just saved me from blowing up at Adobe. Instead though, I made all files visible (as you said) and then just used the file path you provided when I had to direct Creative Cloud Express to add fonts. The trick here was to select “all files” from the files it was looking for (instead of the custom files). Then I selected the latest two files since those were the two I had activated with my Creative Cloud account.

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