April 5, 2020
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‘The Beatles: Rock Band’

Harmonix ‘The Beatles: Rock Band’ Outro Cinematic from Passion Pictures on Vimeo.

Directed by Pete Candeland at Passion Pictures

Full Credits:

John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr

With Very Special Thanks to
Yoko Ono Lennon and Olivia Harrison

Music Produced by
George Martin

Creative Director
Joshua Randall

Creative Producer
Giles Martin

Executive Producers
Paul DeGooyer, Jeff Jones, Alex Rigopulos

Jonathan Clyde

Special Thanks to
Van Toffler, Judy McGrath, Dhani Harrison

Recordings Engineered by
Norman Smith, Geoff Emerick, Ken Scott,
Glyn Johns, Phil McDonald

Music Produced for The Beatles: Rock Band by
Giles Martin

Mix Engineer for The Beatles: Rock Band
Paul Hicks

Director/Writer: Pete Candeland
Producer: Debbie Crosscup
Executive Producer: Hugo Sands
Animation Director: Rob Valley
Animation Supervisor: Wes Coman
Character Design: Rob Valley, Ree Treweek (from Shy the Sun)
Backgrounds: Alberto Mielgo, Daniel Cacouault, Lukasz Pazera, Jim Bowers, Alan Aldridge

Full Passion Pictures credits:
Production Co: Passion Pictures
Writer/Director: Pete Candeland
Producer: Debbie Crosscup
Co-Development Producer: Anna Lord
Executive Producer: Hugo Sands
2D Character Design/Development: Rob Valley
CG Character Design/Development: Ree Treweek [of Shy the Sun] 2D Animation Director / Layout: Rob Valley
CG Animation Supervisor: Wes Coman
Head of CG: Jason Nicolas
VFX Supervisor: Neil Riley
Technical Direcor: Julian Hodgson
Editor: Dan Greenway, Jamie Foord, Lee Gingold
Storyboarding: Brendan Houghton, Rob Valley
Matte Painting / Backgrounds: Alberto Mielgo, Daniel Cacouault, Lukasz Pazera, Jim Bowers, Alan Aldridge
Key Animators: Rob Valley, Jerry Forder, Pete Dodd, Daryl Graham
Assistant Supervisor: Dave Burns
Character Assistants: Alan Henry, Brent Odell, Jay Wren, Mitch Wilmot, Constantinos Demosthenous
FX Animation: Simon Swales, Jane Wright, Chris Knott
Toonz: Tim King, Megs Dore
2D Coordinator: Crystal Crompton
Anmation test check: Tony Clarke
CG Modelling: Ian Brown, Adam Dewhirst, Cesar Nunes, Mario Ucci
Rigging: Chris Dawson, Francois Pons, Julian Hodgson
Animation CG: Chris Welsby, Vincent Aupetit, Dony Mahmood
Animation FX: Jamie Franks
Texture \Lighting\ Rendering: Tommy Andersson, Quentin Vien, Guillaume Cassuto, Claire Michaud, Antoine Moulineau
Lead Compositing: Johnny Still, Niamh Lines
Compositing: Stephane Coedel, Ed Salkeld, Lee Gingold, Luke Carpenter
Dailies Editor: Daniel Florencio
Directors Assistant: Giles Dill
Technique and Software: Traditional 2D for the Beatles/Crowd; XSI for CG, AFX/Nuke for Comp
Telecine: Rushes


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