March 30, 2020
Random Tips & Tricks

Maya Animation

Top 5 useful human body rigs in Maya

When it comes to animate a human character, it needs tons of hours to rig it correctly. If you want to practise and focus on animation, rigging time will be trouble for you. So there are some beautiful professional rigs to pass that problem over.

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How to create a realistic ocean and floating boat in Maya

Blue clear sky, a blue ocean, sun, a nice sailing yacht... Okay, if we can't make this dream come true then we create it!

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Text to smoke morph effect in Maya

In this post, we will see a diffrent way to create smoke from a text with using 2D Fluid Container.

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How to use “Motion blur” in Maya?

In 3d animations, moving objects looks much more affective if they have a little motion blur effect on them.

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How to create turntable animation in Maya?

The most common way to present a model, to a client, supervisor or on a demo-reel, is to create a turntable animation.

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