April 5, 2020
Random Tips & Tricks

Maya Dynamic

How to create a realistic ocean and floating boat in Maya

Blue clear sky, a blue ocean, sun, a nice sailing yacht... Okay, if we can't make this dream come true then we create it!

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Text to smoke morph effect in Maya

In this post, we will see a diffrent way to create smoke from a text with using 2D Fluid Container.

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How to explode and destroy a wall effect in maya?

You can see exploded bombs, destroyed walls, destructed object etc. in all type of visual effects works...

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How to morph a text to smoke or dust? [HD Video]

This tutorial teaches how to turn a text into a particle (dust, smoke).

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How to make tearable cloth in Maya?

Learn how to use nCloth in Maya and turn a plane into a tearable cloth

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How to burn an object in Maya?

Teaches how to burn an object in Maya

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