May 30, 2016
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fxfx real diamond
fxfx real diamond

Diamond text in seconds! Fxfx Real Diamond is available now!

Fxfx Real Diamond is a Cinema 4d script that makes your texts in diamond shiny in seconds. You can make your texts gorgeous easily now.

Just copy the Fxfx real diamond 1.0.lib4d into your Maxon\Cinema4D\library\browser folder and find Fxfx real diamond from your Content Browser in Cinema 4d.

You can change the text and settings like diamond size, diamond space, lens etc. from TEXT & EDITs layer.


That’s all folks,

Keep your eyes on Fxfx,

Please check for updates.

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  1. Amazing work man thank youuu

  2. I can’t seem to get it working. Once I’ve installed it, how do you apply it to the object?

  3. I can’t download – only 99 kB and there is info that archive is broken… Any help please

  4. Hello Kris76,

    Change text it will apply itself.

  5. Hello Chrisg,
    It was zipped with WinRAR, you should try with another zip archiver

  6. Thanks! it save a lot of time

  7. Is this diamond plugin compatible with C4D R16?

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