November 28, 2022

How to morph a text to smoke or dust? [HD Video]

This tutorial teaches how to turn a text into a particle (dust, smoke).

You can use this effect in your intros, logo animations, object morphs etc.

With Maya’s powerful particle dynamic system, you can turn your particles anything you wish. Like smoke, dust, clouds etc.

Let’s see how to turn a text into particles;

Maya morphing Text to dust effect! from on Vimeo.

If you have problems about seeing video on Vimeo, you can try Youtube; (Please select 720 HD)

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  1. sick! i tried it. worked like a charm!!!

  2. Chen xiaoxiao

    Can you write down the website of this video tutorial?
    I can not see both video. I must use proxy to see tutorials on youtobe.

  3. Hi Chen,

    Youtube link is;

    Keep in

  4. Nelson Schipper

    Thanks for this tutorial. I followed your steps, however I try to emit the particules from (surface) only from the image (text) but they keep coming from every part of the plane. What do I have to do to sort out this problem?

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