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How to bookmark camera angle & create a camera from bookmark in Maya?

How to bookmark camera angle & create a camera from bookmark in Maya?

You are working on a project, you modeled an object or designed a room and you want to look it from different angles. What will you do?

Creating new cameras again and again can make you tired. Maya has a great function for this problem;

“Camera Bookmark”

Let’s have a look together;

Firstly, open Bookmark Editor from your panel menu.. [View] > [Bookmarks] > [Edit Bookmarks…]

Now change your angle and when you decided its angle, press [New Bookmark]

You can change your camera view with double click on “cameraView” names,

How to create camera from bookmark?

If you want to convert your bookmark into a camera, firstly create a camera named “MyNewCamera”

Select your old camera which you set your bookmark angle, and doubleclick your angle in bookmark editor

Now in the outliner panel, firstly select your bookmarked old camera, hold on CTRL and select MyNewCamera

In the [Edit] menu, select the little box of [Transfer Attribute Values]

Check [From Channel Box] as Attributes, and check [Values] boxes,

Press [Apply and Close]

You transfered your bookmarked camera angles to your new camera,

That’s all folks,

Keep in Fx,


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