April 7, 2020
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How to create 3D shiny texts in Maya?

You can see shiny text everywhere like commercials, movies, intros, games. It is always affective shiny materials and texts in 3d world!

Then let’s make it your own shiny text!

Firstly; open maya and in the menu press [Create] and select the little box in the line of [Text]

Write your text choose your font and set the values like below; (You can change them from attribute editor bevelPlus settings after you created it,

Press “Create” button and you will see text in your scene.

Now open “Render Settings” and Select “Production” as Quality Presets

Select [Indirect Lighting] tab and press [Create] of “Image Based Lighting]

Close render settings window,

Select mentalRayIbl in the Outliner and press Ctrl+A if you dont see Attibute Editor,

When you see mentalrayIbl settings, change theese settings as image;

Mapping: Angular

Type: Texture

Uncheck “Primary Visibility” under Render Stats section

And click the box in the “Texture” line, select “Noise”

You will see noise settings, use the settings below

In the menu press [Window] > [Rendering Editors]  and select Hypershade;

In the left menu, make sure “Create All Nodes” selected,

Under “Materials” section, select dgs_material,

Select your object and right click and hold on dgs_material in Hypershade (in the right top part of hypershade window), and select [Assaign dgs_materialSG to selection]

Double click your dgs_material and you will see its settings in Attribute Editor

Change the settings as image below

And Render!

Some touches in Photoshop always works!

That’s all folks,

Keep in Fx,



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