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Metallic Car Paint shader for Maya

Metallic Car Paint shader for Maya

A very nice realistic car paint shader, it uses layered shader and it mapped reflection and sampler information.

To use this shader, open your car scene, select the [File > Import]

Select this car_paint_shader.ma,

Open [Hypershade], (Window > Rendering Editors > Hypershade)

Select your object to texture,

In the hypershade editor, hold right click on layeredShader1 and select [Assaign Material to Selection]

Download shader: http://www.fxfx.net/downloads/car_paint_shader.rar

That’s all folks,

Keep in Fx,


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  1. Hi
    Nice shader. But when I apply it to an object and try to render it mental ray, the object totally disappears from the render.

    Any ideas?

  2. Make sure you didnt remove anything from orginal scene and you assigned “layeredShader1″ to your object from hypershade.

    I just tried again and it works very well..

  3. bro, very cool work u gott there. I tried downloading it to apply in my RX7 modle, but it seems that ur shader calculates reflection and others, so i wanted to know if the uv is influencial in this case??? wt is the best way to get a nice result??? tks

  4. Your car’s uv is important in this material cuz it uses granite texture to give shiny car paint effect.

  5. If i may ask, do u have any hint for me to open nicely my uv for the car???

  6. Okay Fred, soon, I am going to add some UV unwrap tricks for Maya.
    Keep in Fxfx,

  7. If i render my car with mental ray, my car is rendered in black instead of the selected color. Do you have any idea why this is?

  8. Make sure you have a light added to your scene.

  9. Turn off refractions to fix the transparent issue in mental ray. apparently the shader does not like refractions :>

  10. Amazing shader mate

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