How to make 3d abstract background and 5 free Fxfx 3d abstract backgrounds with project files!

It is so common to fall in with abstract backgrounds or abstract wallpapers on Internet and probably you saved some or you did it your wallpaper.

In this lesson you will find some tips and tricks to do your own abstract wallpapers or loopable backgrounds.

First of all, it is not important what software you use, all of 3d softwares almost have same modeling tools and deforming tools. Know how to render your materials good looking, that’s enough.

Here are some tricks about making good 3d abstract wallpapers or backgrounds;

– Internet is filled with abstract wallpapers, search and take a glance some of them to have an idea about what like do you want to make.

– Open your 3d software and start with an object. (Helix, Torus Knot, Torus objects are good for starting)

– Use nonlinear deformers like Bend, Twist, Flare, Sine, Squash, Wave randomly and play with their values

– Prepare a studio light setup (you can use ready to use studio light setup scripts like Fxfx Maya Real Studio Light Setup)

– Use refract and reflect in your all materials

– Play with your Camera’s Focal Length value

– Use depth of field or use blur tool in photoshop

– Render your object with alpha and play it in compositing softwares like After Effects, Photoshop

Here are free FxfxORG abstract backgrounds (with project files);

(non-commercial use only)



(non-commercial use only)


(non-commercial use only)


(non-commercial use only)


(non-commercial use only)

That’s all folks,

Keep in Fxfx,


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