April 7, 2020
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Realistic car paint material for 3d Studio Max and Vray

Here is an amazingly realistic and shiny car material and vray light setup for 3d Studio Max and V-ray.

To use this material in your scene;

Select Vray as render engine,

Open your material editor (Shortcut M),

Select a free slot for your material,

Press [Get Material]

Select “Browse from:” [Mtl Library] and press [Open]

Find your car material downloaded from FxfxORG

Assaign it to your object


If you want a nice vray studio light setup, you can use test scene..

Some renders with this material;

Images from: www.caneration.com

Download Material and Test Scene (For 3d Studio Max 2009 and above): http://www.fxfx.net/downloads/Realistic_car_vray.rar

That’s all folks,

Keep in FxfxORG

Caner ATAS


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  1. woww nice models man!

  2. don’t open in my 3ds max 9 !why?why?why?why?why?why?why?

  3. Hi keneddy,

    I wrote its reason mate,

    “(For 3d Studio Max 2009 and above)”


  4. thank you

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