FXFX Maya Real Studio 2 is available now!

After FXFX Maya Real Studio ver. 1.0, i got lots of feedback from all around the CG world and that positive feedback forced me to improve it much much more! And here is 2!

It is so easy to use again, just press buttons in order and your realistic render is ready!


1-Open Maya Script Editor. Load fxfx_maya_real_studio_2.mel Select script area and press Ctrl+Enter

1-Just follow the steps, (press buttons in order like 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) and press render.

2-Replace test object with your object!

Your render is ready!

Don’t forget to add “Fxfx Maya Real Studio” to your shelf,

To add it to shelf,

Firstly select Custom shelf tab,

From the main menu; [Window] > [General Editors] > [Script Editor]

In the script editor window menu, [File] > [Load Script…]

Load “fxfx_maya_real_studio_2.mel” and in the editor MEL panel, Ctrl+A to select all script,

hold your middle mouse button on and drag it to your Custom Shelf panel.

(Tested and worked on Maya 2011 64 Bit Version)

That’s all folks!

Keep in Fxfx,


Download:  http://www.fxfx.net/downloads/FXFX_Maya_Real_Studio2.rar

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  1. Kevin Stransa


  2. thank you caner it is the first vray mel i think

  3. Great great great and Renderman support pls. 🙂

  4. So helpful btw please add that; “VrayMtl” should be used to get good results in Vray Maya. Amazing script thx

  5. Thanks sir, very helpful

  6. Hey mates,

    For the below version of Maya 2011 “//Error: Image open failed: icons/header.xpm //” problem is fixed.

    Please add the bugs as a comment.




  8. Does not work in 2011.5 . // Error: line 1: Cannot find procedure “mrUse”.

  9. Hello Mike,

    I will check it.

    Thank you

  10. Hello Mike,

    I just checked all of codes and couldn’t see any problem.
    So I need more info about your problem. What is your Maya version exactly, 2011.5 is a Sucspcription pack for MacOS. right?

  11. Hey there …

    I tried installing the script on my maya 2011 Subscription Advantage Pack 64Bit,
    I installed it in the MyDocuments – maya – 2011.5 64x – scripts

    But when i run the mel script (fxfx_maya_real_studio_2.mel) and press ctr+Enter
    i get the following msg (// Error: Cannot find procedure “fxfx_maya_real_studio_2.mel”. // )

    i even tried running the other command (Fxfx_Maya_Real_Studio_Setup_1_0.mel) which is in your ReadMe file i got the same msg

    Plz let me know how i can solve this

    Many Thanks for your great efforts


  12. Hello Ram,

    Please follow theese steps,

    – Open your MEL script editor in Maya,
    – In script editor menu select [Edit] > [Clear All]
    – In script editor menu select [File] > [Load Script… Ctrl+O]
    – In open file window, go to Fxfx_Maya_Real_Studio2 folder
    – Select fxfx_maya_real_studio_2.mel
    This will load all codes to your script editor
    – Select all codes by pressing Ctrl+A and press Ctrl+Enter

    Thats all mate, I hope that solves your problem!

    Enjoy and keep your eyes on FxfxORG!


  13. Caneration… very thanks !!!

    I´m searching this post two hours, thnaks

  14. Thanks for that, seems super!

    However I get stuck in the set render settings to high quality, I can still set them myself and get a nice render but I was wondering what yours were, I try opening the render setting and leaving it on quality with no success, still getting an error.

  15. Hello Duderstein,
    In Maya 2010 and 2011, you should open render settings and click Quailty tab.
    Autodesk disabled the loading of render setting tabs on render engine startup.

    So you should open render settings and open tabs (For example Quailty tab) manually. And again then press 8-High Quailty Render Settings again.

    It will setup the quailty settings.

    Thats all..
    Keep your eyes on FXFX,


  16. I love you, you just save my project Thank you so muck god bless

  17. Thank you Sergio, It is really great to hear that it is helpful for people. I have been having hundreds of emails and feedbacks which includes thankful. That’s a really good feeling and a good motivation for developing 🙂

    Keep in Fxfx,


  18. Hello Caner, belive me ur script rocks! so helphfulllllll thankyou

  19. Hey dude thanks a lot, but i cant get this to work, i have the same “// Error: Cannot find procedure “mrUse”. // “, i’m on maya 2009 on mac os x 🙂

  20. Hi Caneration, I would love to use this script but in Maya 2011.5 (subscription advantage pack) when executing the script I also get //Error:Cannot find procedure “mrUse”.

  21. AH HA!! I have found the problem to the mrUse issue. You MUST clear the script editor and also DO NOT use “source script” instead use “LOAD SCRIPT” and then use “EXECUTE”.
    It works just fine after that. Awesome, I hope ive helped a few people with this.

  22. Thanks so much very useful script!! cheers guys

  23. Wow – this is awesome – thanks

  24. Hi Im having toruble loading script everytime i try im getting invalid syntax error

  25. Buffoon - ru

    Thank you very much for great work!!
    Phil , may be you use tetris ? 🙂

  26. Buffoon - ru

    Thank you very much for great work!!

  27. Enjoy it folks, new version Fxfx Maya Real Studio 3 is almost done! 🙂

    Stay on Fxfx,


  28. Okey, let me get this staight. I am not able to open any of the files.

    Thank You

    You are a great tutor

  29. Allah Senden razı olsun

  30. Selam Alkan,
    Teşekkür ederim, yardımcı olabildiysem ne mutlu 🙂


  31. Works very well with Maya 2012 64Bits, Thank you very much.


  33. Thanks a lot! You save my life!

  34. thank U maaaaaaaan.

  35. Hi looking really good when I render but when Baking I am getting really bad artifacts on the back of the model,they look like hardened normals BUT are not. What am I doing wrong. Thanks for any help

  36. Muito bom Obrigada pela dica

  37. This is just amazing…you are raocking guys..!

  38. It doesn’t work for maya 2014 plz fix this!


  39. scrip cok iyi teşekkürler ama ben maya 2011 kullanıyorum qualty render e tıklayınca otomatik render ayarı
    yapmıyo render ayar penceresi cıkıyo

  40. Pencere açıldıktan sonra Quality tabına basıp bir kez daha tıklayın High Quality Butonunu..

  41. Works with VRAY 3.5 and MAYA 2017. Thanks you very much.

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