April 7, 2020
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Re-topologizer for 3d Studio Max; MaxRetopo

It is a really useful tool for 3d Studio Max. If you have a high polygon object and if you want to turn it into low polygon with a good topology, you can solve it in 3d Studio Max without working on Zbrush.

Usage :

Drag the mse file to the viewport OR From The MaxScript Menu Choose RunScript

After The Dialog opens Click the middle mouse button over the dialog to see the quick help

Livemesh and LiveCreep are Dangerous features …. forget about them first , till you get familiar with the tool

Download; http://www.fxfx.net/downloads/Max_Retopo.rar

Give a thank to coder;

Mohab Gamal

mtawfeek2 [a|t] yahoo.co.uk






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  1. Thanx I bet it’s a good tool but on my 3d max 9 it can’t run((/ I WANT IT SO BAD!

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