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Which format is the best for saving Maya files?

Which format is the best for saving Maya files?

When saving maya, you can be undecided about format, .ma or .mb

Mb means, “Maya Binary” file format. When you saved your scene as .mb , Maya compiles your scene,

Ma means, “Maya ASCII” file format. When you saved your scene as .ma Maya writes your all scene and their settings into a text, that means you can edit this .ma file with a word processor program (like Wordpad, Notepad)

When saving huge and complex scenes, .ma file format can look like a bit slower, but it worths to work stablely for a little seconds.

So, always keep your save setting as Maya ASCII (.ma) format.

To do that,

In [File] menu, select the little box in the line of  [Save Scene As...]

Change [File Type] to mayaAscii and check [Default File Extensions]

Apply, and close…

That’s all folks,

Keep in Fx,


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