How to explode and destroy a wall effect in maya?

You can see exploded bombs, destroyed walls, destructed object etc. in all type of visual effects works.

In this lesson, we are going to create a wall example and we will destroy it.

We will use Maya’s one of the best demolition plug-in “Blast Code” to do that.

You can find Blast Code’s trial versions in its website;

Okay, let’s start!

Firstly activate the Blast Code plug-in from your plug-in manager. When you activate Blast Code you should see a new “BlastCode” menu on left of Help menu.

Now, from the menu [Create] > [NURBS Primitives] > [Plane], create a plane and rotate it in X coordinate as 90

In the [BlastCode] menu, select [Blast Window]

Select your surface plane and press on [New Control] from BlastCode Window

You will see, your plane will change its type and color.

In [BlastCode] menu, select [Create Slab] (you will see your plane will have a thickness)

In “Blast Code Window” select Explosive tab, and select [Locator Explosive], you will see a new explosive created which named “Explosive1” under Explosive list

Select it, and you will see your plane name “nurbsPlane1” under “Source Control Surface” menu,

Select it, it will be checked after you clicked on it. Now you activated your explosive and your wall.

In the Outliner select your nurbsPlane1 and in the [Blast Code Window] select nurbsPlane1_BLayer1 and click [All Off] from Target Visibility (this will hide your original Nurbs plane)

Now, select the wall and open its attribute editor. Find [nurbsPlane1_BLayer1_Object_Slab1] tab in attribute editor.

(There are hundreds of settings and it is impossible to explain all so I’m going to explain some important settings, but you can try the others as you wish)

You can change Mesh Thickness, this will change the thickness of your wall

Under [Slab Fraction Definition] section, change [Fracture Option] as [Fracture File]

Select your Fracture Map (you can create or you can use my example)

<— Save and use this fracture map as example

Change your [Fracture Threshold] to “1”

Now, in the [BlastCode Window], select “Explosive” tab and press [Select Explosive], (this will open explosive attributes)

Select [Explosive1] tab in the attribute editor

You can change magnitude and size settings etc. here.

Start shows when your animation will start.

When you play your animation, you will see your wall explosion animation. Stop animation and go back to first frame.

To change explosion direction, check [Use Origin Flag] and change your X, Y or Z origin. For example type “50” to Z origin and play your animation again.

To texture your wall, when you are in first frame (non-destructed wall), select your wall and assign a material

Play your animation and stop it when cracks are flying, select one of the cracks and assaign a material

Now if you want to burn cracks after explosion, select one of the cracks on the air, and in the [Dynamics] menu set, select [Effects] > [Create Fire]

Play your animation now and you will see a burning wall pieces.

This is the basic destruction animation so you can improve your animation with playing on settings.

That’s all folks,

Keep in Fx,


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