How to set up “Depth of Field” in Maya scene?

Depth of field is the name of distance range within the object acceptably sharp.It depends on aperture and focusing distance.

Now we are going to learn, how to use depth of field in Maya;

First of all, don’t forget to make enabled “Object Details” under [Display > Heads Up Display] menu,

This will show you the distance of your selected object.

Now, open your camera settings in attribute editor.

To do that, in viewport menu, choose [Select Camera] under [View]

Find “Depth of field” section and check [Depth of Field]

Change “Distance from Camera” value as “Focus distance”

Change “F-stop” settings and “Focus Region Scale” as your necessary.

That’s all folks,

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  1. madi_clutcher

    we can also mental ray bokeh lens shader for better depth of focus. Refer

  2. Hi,

    Before I make the step to Maya, I want to know what ‘depth of field’ in Maya is doing with the resolution.
    In other 3d-software that I’m using it happens that how higher I set the resolution of my rendering the more the field of depth is disappearing. I often work for print (resolution up to 450dpi) so this is a problem for me (it doesn’t work with rendering greater images in pixel size).
    Is this something that exists also in Maya or is ‘depth of field’ resolution independent in Maya?

    Thanks in advance for your answer.
    Bert Smets

  3. Hello bert,

    If you have problems with DOF of maya, you can render a “z-depth pass” render and use it as depth map on editing or compositing programs. (Like After Effects or Photoshop)

    In After Effects there is a plugin about it named; Frishluft

    In Photoshop there is a plugin named; DOF Pro

    Stay on Fxfx,


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