March 29, 2017
Random Tips & Tricks

After Effects

How to batch render in After Effects?


You have a lot of After Effects .aep files that waits for rendering. So maybe you do old school way; import all aep to one After Effects file and render all in order. But in fact there is a better and easier way! You can render all your compositions in your after effects files (.aep) in any format you want.

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10 pieces 4K Studio Backgrounds pack! And FREE!


A great bonus pack for FxfxORG users! You can use this 10 studio backgrounds to look your text, logos, objects great!

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Software errors, solutions, tips and tricks page


Hi folks. In this page I am going to share the error that I solved, some tips and tricks about softwares. Probably you will find this page from google while searching a solution for an error that makes you crazy :)

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How to render Z-depth, object ID, Normal etc. at one rpf file in Cinema 4D?


Sometimes we need to render diffrent passes in one time and it can be really painful to work with multi-passes. Rpf format can be really life-saver at theese times. It can store Z-Depth, Uv Coordinates, Normal, Coverage, Object ID, Color, Transparency inside one file.

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How to attach a mask point to a layer in After Effects?


Sometimes animating mask path can be really difficult if you are trying to animate it to follow an object. This tip may be used in motion graphic work to focus moving object (maybe tracked).

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How to animate a still image with Vanishing Point [HD Video]


Vanishing point is one of the best feature of the Photoshop series...

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Life-saver “secret menu” in After Effects


If you have problems with "out of memory" errors when rendering, Adobe After Effects has a secret menu about disabling layer cache to solve this problem.

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Time & life saver After Effects Hotkeys


When using softwares, using hotkeys speed your work fabulously. Going to start or end of a layer, going to next frame, jumping between keys etc.

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How to render “Object ID” in Maya and use it in After Effects?


Max users know, there is a very useful ".rpf" file format in 3d Studio Max. How to use object ID in Maya?

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How to render “Object ID” pass and use it in After Effects?


You can use .rpf format to modify each object seperately in compositing program...

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