How to batch render in Max with all render engines?

You have lots of completed scene files, you want to render all in one time? There is an option named “Batch Render” in Max but it can only render diffrent cameras in same scene. But you have more than one scene.  There are some scripts can do that but when you use them, probably they wouldn’t support all render engines like v-ray, mental ray, maxwell…

So let’s solve this problem!

Firstly, we will use a forgotten trick to solve that problem. Autodesk Backburner!

If you didn’t install Backburner while installing max, install it firstly.

Now, for example we have 3 scenes to render.

Run Backburner Manager [ Start > Programs > Autodesk > Backburner > Manager ]

Open your first scene in max, open render settings [F10], set your render settings, before pushing Render button,check the “Net Render”

Now press [Render] button, a new window will pop up “Network Job Assigment”

Select Automatic Search

Check Include Maps

Now press [Connect] button

It will connect to manager, now press [Submit]

You submitted your job.

Make same steps for your all scenes.

When you done all, now run the “Backburner Server”..  Run Backburner Manager [ Start > Programs > Autodesk > Backburner > Server ]

If nothing happen, in “Server” window, select [Edit > General Settings], check “Automatic Search”, press OK and [File > Shut down] and run server again.

It will start to render your scenes in order.

To control your render, run Backburner Monitor [ Start > Programs > Autodesk > Backburner > Monitor ]

Click Connect button and you can see your render’s status.

That’s all folks!

Keep in Fx,

Caner ATAS

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