April 27, 2017
Random Tips & Tricks

3d Studio Max Scripts

How to convert 3d Studio Max scenes to Cinema 4D?


You have an animated scene in 3d Studio max and you want to convert it Cinema 4D scene with as successful as possible. Of course, working logic of theese two softwares are too much diffrent to eachother but it is possible with some little missing.

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Realistic car paint material for 3d Studio Max and Vray


Here is an amazingly realistic and shiny car material for 3d Studio Max and V-ray.

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Find 3d Studio Max materials in seconds with TeaCup


TeaCup allows 3DS Max to connect to an online database giving you the ability to upload and download materials and objects directly from/to your scene very easily.

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Life & time saver tools of Blur Studio; BlurBeta Tools!


Blur Studio published a bunch of amazing life saver scripts; BlurBeta Tools. BlurBeta Tools includes some really pretty tools and scripts for 3d Studio Max and Softimage XSI.

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Re-topologizer for 3d Studio Max; MaxRetopo


If you have a high polygon object and if you want to turn it into low polygon with a good topology, you can solve it in 3d Studio Max without working on Zbrush.

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Ready-to-use book animation


It creates pages with 3 bend modifiers, (for turn animation, secondary motion and landing position) and binds them into a controller to easily turn pages.

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3D Max Random Selector script


There are three different selection algorithms in vertex-edge-face modes.

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Convert diffrent render engine materials


Simple utility to make it easier to move scenes from a rendering engine to another.

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