Life & time saver tools of Blur Studio; BlurBeta Tools!

Blur Studio published a bunch of amazing life saver scripts; BlurBeta Tools. BlurBeta Tools includes some really pretty tools and scripts for 3d Studio Max and Softimage XSI.

Here is a Quick Description of BlurBeta tools;
(Download links at the bottom)

BlurBeta Tools 3.10
Quick Description of BlurBeta tools


Max Main Tools – Blur Script Distribution, an explorer like interface where you can run scripts – Selection window with renaming using Blur’s naming convention – Simple renaming without naming convention – Simple Renaming – Version 2.0 of the onion Easy Layer management,
Allows you to organize your layers in a grouping hierarchy, Fast with complex scenes

The – Older version of Onion, you need to use this one with Render Elements – Export of PC2 and TransformCache en-Masse

point cache – Import/application of Pc2 and TransformCache enMasse

TransformCache.dlc -Works like a pointcache modifier, reads cache on disk

Render Elements – Render Pass/ Element tools, save/load state of Max,
Light Layers (Turn on off lights with their layers)
Use with the older layer tool “The Onion” – In Development, Node based Flow of maxscript, set up render passes etc.

Max Modeling Tools – Check for dead uvs, objects not collapsed to origin – Work overtop of another mesh and snapping points to it’s surface – Tool to create cracks in objects, Puts the pivot of the object at the origin,
Necessary for proper PointCaching
Same as above but is actually a new object, can fix mesh corruption issues – Removes dead uv sets

polyMeshSmooth… – Go to different level of meshsmooth, apply meshsmooth if necessary

polySubdivide… – Same as above but with turbosmooth

polyComponent… – shortcuts to specific subobject levels, like Maya’s F9, F10 … – quick detach to new object, named similarly to the original – Attach all selected objects into one – Replace base mesh with another object’s mesh – Collapse selected to Poly objects – Separate subobject splines into new objects – Export spline to format that can be imported in XSI – Creates splines through a geometry’s verts aka WireJumble

HairFx_… – Bunch of tools to help with hairfx control splines

Light_… – Quick scripts to toggle on and off different lighting setups during modeling – Shrinkwraps one mesh to another – Pushes out Mesh for more shrinkwrapping fun

Max Animation Tools – Animation Save and Load by Object Name,
Quick to transfer animation between files

TransformBakeFloater – Plot transformations between different coordinate spaces,
eg unparent object while keeping it’s exact transform animation – ‘convertToWorldSpace’ – Set Key on Position and Rotation – Zero out the local transform – Cycle through tranform tools – Temporarily Mute transform of an object by using Multiplier Curves,,,
Sets the current time as the beginning or end of your time range– Brings up trackview with selected and animated tracks

Max Camera Tools – Add CameraData eg ShotNum, RangeStart, RangeEnd, – Jump to the next camera changing the frame range – Makes a camera that can play through all cameras, – Save and load camera data to file – Get Camera from File

Max Rigging Tools – Select parent even if hidden – Parent with one click like Maya, select children then parent – Unparent (just like unlink)

modRig_… – Naming Convention Compliant rig building functions

modRig_CtrlCreate... – Create a Ctrl from scratch (Splnes), there are a number of looks here – Zero out a ctrl by putting in a hierarchy buffer

This stops scale inheritance and transform skewing. – Create Mirrored ctrl on opposite side without negative scale – Create a Deformer (Geometry Box) from a Ctrl – Build a twistSpline from ctrls – Create Average Nulls between bones/ctrls – Creates a shape through a series of ctrls.
The spline is bound to these ctrls with SplineIK modifier so they control the spline. – Manipulate may bone envelopes at once – Average Weights on points – Create an FFD that fits your object and bind to it – Shrinkwraps one mesh to another – Pushes out Mesh for more shrinkwrapping fun

Max Utilities Tools

Instance Manipulation – – Manipulate transforms with a dialog – Creates a null with an attachment ctrl to a surface – create null with baked transform following a surface – Updates the above nulls in their original time ranges – Updates above nulls to current time range – Lock all tranform interaction in viewport (same as in Hierarchy Panel) – UnLock all tranform interaction in viewport (same as in Hierarchy Panel)


XSI Main Tools – Blur Script Distribution, an explorer like interface where you can run scripts – In File Menu, Loads Standard Layout, Macros and Keymap.
Many functions already mapped to the keyboard. (Modeling/Animation/rigging oriented)
If you load the Keymap hit Ctrl-F1 to load details about the mapping in Netview
Layout includes extra shelf with most used blur tools already on it – Export of Caches from objects in the scene.
Can export Pc2 (PointCache) and Tmc (TransformCache) – Rename objects in blur’s naming convention – Open scenes with options for setting models to offloaded before opening
Speeds up opening of files with many characters if you only have to work on one of them. – Import of many different kinds of assets, Meshes, Rigs etc
Some functionality requires the Production Resources install

XSI Modeling Tools –
Attaches multiple objects into the first one selected (avoids creating duplicates) – Detaches selected polygons into their own object – Cap Open Holes – ( Removes all Clusters on selected Objects ) – Creates a duplicate/snapshot of a mesh (even if it is in a referenced model) – Imports spline exported from Max – Sets the selection filter to PolygonIsland – Sets the selection filter to Raycast PolygonIsland

XSI Rigging Tools – Interactive Modular Rig builder with a GUI

You must download the production resources installer to use this properly

MegaSkinPanel – Easily and quickly adjust envelopes,

extremely easy envelope copy/paste behaviour (Uses GATOR … Long Live GATOR!!!)

Apply Lattices and control all the connected operators from the lattice – Build constrained Nulls quickly – Change look and naming of nulls – Load Motion Test onto Characters, Requires BlurRig – –
Removes fcurves before reparenting so the object stays at the same transform,
Does not remove expressions, –
Can be used like Up and down hierarchy shortcuts to follow constraints.
Upvectors are also included in constraining objects

XSI Animation Tools – Many useful animation tools on a dialog. eg setKey, zeroKey, Trajectories – Save and Load animations quickly between different characters – Copy and paste Postures and poses, also from one side of the body to the other

CopyCat... – Individual scripts to map to keys for Copy, Paste, PasteOpposite – Easily mix between clips (requires the blur rig right now)

TransformBake – Plot your animations through different coordinate spaces – Do cloth Dynamics on a series of ctrls, supports some collision,

outputs keys on ctrls which can be adjusted. – Save BlurRig and animation to FBX Format (with standard fbx naming) – Fix Mesh Penetrations with intuitive interface (requires Blur Naming), –
Sets the current time as the beginning or end of your time range set Key on position/rotation set Zero Key on position/rotation

FCurveInterpolation...Set Fcurve interpolation to Constant/Linear/Spline on all transform channels – Toggle animation Layers on and off – Matches transform of first object selected to the last, always works – Changes to the transform tool and cycles through the tools

Select… – Shortcuts to select parts of the blurRig

XSI Camera Tools – Add CameraData eg ShotNum, RangeStart, RangeEnd, – Jump to the next camera changing the frame range – Makes a camera that can play through all cameras – toggles isolate on current selection,

viewDisplayMode… – Shortcuts to change current viewport displayMode,
eg Shaded, DepthCue, WireframeOnShaded, XRay, HeadLight…

viewShow… – Shortcuts to toggle on and off the types of object visible per viewport
eg. CtrlTypes (Chains, curves, nulls), All, Geometry…

viewHide… – scripts to Hide and Unhide easier
UnhideAllOnVisibleLayers – unhides everything but only on visible layers
UnhideSelectionNoMatterWhat – unhides object even if it is in a hidden layer or group

XSI Selection Filters

Filters interactive selection based on object type

Filters interactive selection based on Blur Naming Convention

XSI Utility Tools – Import all .obj files in a directory, –
Allows you to store your layer state and bring it back later

LayersMove... – AutoGeneration of layers based on Blur Naming Convention

XSI UI Tools – Create a new tool with the blurXUI Shell.

blurXUI – EASIER creation of complex Uis,
You can use OpenSource QT Designer to design Uis
This means you can do Layout and UI changes without coding changes




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