May 8, 2021


How to bookmark camera angle & create a camera from bookmark in Maya?

You are working on a project, you modeled an object or designed a room and you want to look it from different angles. What will you do?

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How to create 3D shiny texts in Maya?

You can see shiny text everywhere like commercials, movies, intros, games. Let's make it your own shiny text!

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How to render Ambient Occlusion pass in Maya?

When you composite your "beauty render" with ambient occ., reflection occ etc. It will give you a chance to change their values in compositing so you can control your project well..

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Which format is the best for saving Maya files?

.ma or .mb? Which format is the best?

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How to make tearable cloth in Maya?

Learn how to use nCloth in Maya and turn a plane into a tearable cloth

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How to burn an object in Maya?

Teaches how to burn an object in Maya

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