April 5, 2020
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How to render wireframe in Maya and 3d Studio Max?

When you wanted to show your model’s topology, or you wanted to show your model in turntable, wire-frame render can give your model more affective.

Wire-frame rendering is much easier in max, and there are some different ways in Maya.

I am going to show how to render in Max and easiest way in Maya.

How to render wire-frame in 3d Studio Max?

Select your object in your scene,

Open Material Editor (or press M),

Select a Standard material and check “Wire”

Assign material to your object

Expand “Extended Parameters” and enter wire size in “Size” box


How to render wireframe in Maya?

Firstly, make sure you selected “mental ray” as render type

Open Hypershade, create a “Use Background” shader, assign it to your object

Double click your new created shader to open its attributes,

Specular color: Black

Reflectivity: 0

Reflection Limit: 0

Shadow Mask: 0

Matte Opacity Mode: Solid Matte

And click output connection; (in red circle in picture)

Check “Enable Contour Rendering”

Enter your wire Width to “Witdh box”

Open render settings, in the features tab, expand “Contour” section,

Enable Contour Rendering

Expand; “Draw by Property Difference”, check “Around all poly faces”


That’s all folks,

Keep in Fx,



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  1. Me ha servido mucho, como no tienes idea, mil gracias.

  2. thanks a lot…..this stuff is really helpful for all 3d generalist….

  3. everything worked out great until i changed from custom render quality to production

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