Auto increment file saver for Maya

If you use or used 3d Studio Max, you know  its auto increment file saving feature is one of the most beautiful thing in Max. If you miss same feature, you can have it by adding a little mel script to your Maya.

Tested with Maya 2010 x64, it works perfect!

You will love it!

Info about script:

The “+” icon  is added to the status line. SaveScene+ will save the current scene as a new version, for example, if the current scene name is “myScene.mb” the scene will be saved as “myScene_v01.mb”. The next time the SaveScene+  icon is pressed the scene will be saved as “myScene_v02.mb” and so on.

If the current scene already has some kind of numbering, SaveScene+  will just increase the version, for example, if the current scene is “myScene5.mb” the scene will be saved as “myScene06.mb”.

If you want to add SaveScene+ to your Hotkeys, map the command “dp_SaveScenePlus” to you desire key combination.

The script has been tested with Maya 6.X, 7.X and 8.X, but it should work with other versions as well.

Script’s coder: Diego Prilusky

Give him a “thank”: diego [a|t]


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  1. thx its a cool tool but can u plz update it for maya 2010 plz
    its awesome awsome stuff thx

  2. Hi nikk, it was tested with Maya 2010 64x and it worked perfectly!

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