April 27, 2017
Random Tips & Tricks

3d Studio Max Rendering

How to batch render in 3d Studio Max or Maya?


For example you have 5 scene and you want to render them in series so when one render is done, the other scene will be started to render automatically. There are some scripts and softwares for that but there is also a great way and easiest way to do this!

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How to convert 3d Studio Max V-ray materials to Maya V-ray materials?


Probably, everyone who switched from 3d Studio Max to Maya have some difficulties about Maya's material editor. It is a bit more complicated than 3d max's and there are tons of great materials on internet for 3d studio max Vray. In this article, I will show, how to use (convert) 3d Studio Max Vray materials in Maya Vray.

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How to make 3d abstract background and 5 free Fxfx 3d abstract backgrounds with project files!


In this lesson you will find some tips and tricks to do your own 3d abstract wallpapers or loopable backgrounds.

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Realistic car paint material for 3d Studio Max and Vray


Here is an amazingly realistic and shiny car material for 3d Studio Max and V-ray.

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Find 3d Studio Max materials in seconds with TeaCup


TeaCup allows 3DS Max to connect to an online database giving you the ability to upload and download materials and objects directly from/to your scene very easily.

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Rendering fast ”depth of field” with ZDepth in 3d Studio Max


Using depth of field future can add your scene more effective looking. Besides, it can you disgust with looooong render times.

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How to render wireframe in Maya and 3d Studio Max?


When you wanted to show your model's topology, or you wanted to show your model in turntable, wireframe render can give your model more affective.

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How to batch render in Max with all render engines?


You have lots of completed scene files, you want to render all in one time?

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How to render “Object ID” pass and use it in After Effects?


You can use .rpf format to modify each object seperately in compositing program...

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How to render Ambient Occlusion in Vray?


Ambient occlusion is a "must" for realistic view and shadows. Step by step rendering ambient occlusion;

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